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ASTM D471:16a  
Código Secundário : D0471-16A
Data de Publicação : 01/07/2016
Título : Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Effect of Liquids
Comitê : D11.15 Rubber
Páginas : 16
Status : Em Vigor  
Idioma : Inglês
Organismo : ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
Preço (R$) : 504,00
Objetivo :

1.1 This test method covers the required procedures to evaluate the comparative ability of rubber and rubber-like compositions to withstand the effect of liquids. It is designed for testing: (1) specimens of vulcanized rubber cut from standard sheets (see Practice D3182), (2) specimens cut from fabric coated with vulcanized rubber (see Test Methods D751), or (3) finished articles of commerce (see Practice D3183). This test method is not applicable to the testing of cellular rubbers, porous compositions, and compressed sheet packing, except as described in 12.2.2.

1.2 Periodically, it is necessary to produce a new lot of an IRM oil to replace the dwindling supply of the current product. The Chairman of the subcommittee shall have the authority to approve the production of a replacement lot. Once produced, the technical data of the new lot shall be presented, in a comparative fashion, to that of the existing lot and balloted upon by the membership of the D11.15 subcommittee and, either subsequently or concurrently, balloted upon by the membership of the D11 main committee for approval to release the new lot for distribution.

1.3 In the event that an IRM oil becomes unavailable for distribution due to depletion, the Chairman of the subcommittee shall have the authority to approve production of a new lot and, after a meeting of the task group, regularly scheduled, or not, to release a quantity of the product for distribution sufficient enough only to address a backlog. Once the backlog is addressed, the process described in 1.2 shall be followed.

1.4 ASTM Oils No. 2 and No. 3, formerly used in this test method as standard test liquids, are no longer commercially available and in 1993 were replaced with IRM 902 and IRM 903, respectively (see Appendix X1 for details).

1.5 ASTM No. 1 Oil, previously used in this test method as a standard test liquid, is no longer commercially available and in 2005 was replaced with IRM 901; refer to Table 1 and Appendix X3 for details.

(A) Refer to Appendix X3. Table X3.1 reflects the differences in the properties between ASTM No. 1 Oil and IRM 901 for reference purposes.

1.6 ASTM No. 5 Oil was accepted into Specification D5900 as an industry reference material in 2010 and designated as IRM 905. The composition, and properties of this immersion oil were not changed and the data in Table 1 remains current. Refer to Appendix X4 fo

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