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ISO/TS 14798:2006   CANCELADA
Data de Publicação : 09/02/2006
Título : Lifts (elevators), escalators and moving walks — Risk assessment and reduction methodology
Título Idioma Sec. : Ascenseurs, escaliers mécaniques et trottoirs roulants — Méthodologie de l'évaluation et de la réduction du risque
Comitê : ISO/TC 178 Lifts, escalators and moving walks
Páginas : 35
Status : Cancelada em 23/02/2009  Substituída por : ISO 14798:2009
Idioma : Inglês
Organismo : ISO - International Organization for Standardization
Objetivo : ISO/TS 14798:2006 establishes general principles and specific procedures for assessing risk. The purpose of ISO/TS 14798:2006 is to provide a process for making decisions relevant to the safety of lifts during the design, construction, and installation of lifts, lift components, and systems; developing generic procedures for the use, operation, testing, compliance verification, and servicing of lifts; and development of technical specifications and standards affecting the safety of lifts. While examples in ISO/TS 14798:2006 refer primarily to risks of harm to persons, the risk assessment procedure set out can be equally effective for assessing other types of risks relevant to lifts, such as the risk of damage to property and environment.
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Normas Substitutas da ISO/TS 14798:2006
ISO 14798:2009
91.140.90 - Elevadores. Escadas rolantes
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