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ISO 19840:2004   CANCELADA
Data de Publicação : 03/11/2004
Título : Paints and varnishes -- Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems -- Measurement of, and acceptance criteria for, the thickness of dry films on rough surfaces
Título Idioma Sec. : Peintures et vernis -- Anticorrosion des structures en acier par systèmes de peinture -- Mesure et critères d'acceptation de l'épaisseur d'un feuil sec sur des surfaces rugueuses
Comitê : ISO/TC 35 Paints and varnishes
Páginas : 15
Status : Cancelada em 22/08/2012  Substituída por : ISO 19840:2012
Idioma : Inglês
Motivo do Cancelamento :
Organismo : ISO - International Organization for Standardization
Objetivo : ISO 19840:2004 specifies a procedure for the verification of dry film thickness against the nominal dry film thickness on rough surfaces, including the adjustment of the instruments used, the definition of inspection areas, sampling plans, measurement methods and acceptance/rejection criteria. The procedure is based on the use of instruments of the permanent magnet and inductive magnet type, adjusted to zero and to a known thickness on a smooth surface. It does not apply to nominal dry film thicknesses less than 40 micrometres.
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Normas Substitutas da ISO 19840:2004
ISO 19840:2012
87.020 - Processos de revestimento por pintura
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