Norma Técnica
ISO 9241-920:2009  
Data de Publicação : 23/03/2009
Título : Ergonomics of human-system interaction-- Part 920: Guidance on tactile and haptic interactions
Título Idioma Sec. : Ergonomie de l'interaction homme-système-- Partie 920: Lignes directrices relatives aux interactions tactiles et haptiques
Comitê : ISO/TC 159 Ergonomics
Nº de Páginas : 25
Status : Em Vigor  
Idioma : Inglês
Organismo : ISO - International Organization for Standardization
Preço (R$) : 324,80
Objetivo : ISO 9241-920:2009 gives recommendations for tactile and haptic hardware and software interactions. It provides guidance on the design and evaluation of hardware, software, and combinations of hardware and software interactions, including: the design/use of tactile/haptic inputs, outputs, and/or combinations of inputs and outputs, with general guidance on their design/use as well as on designing/using combinations of tactile and haptic interactions for use in combination with other modalities or as the exclusive mode of interaction; the tactile/haptic encoding of information, including textual data, graphical data and controls; the design of tactile/haptic objects, the layout of tactile/haptic space; interaction techniques. It does not provide recommendations specific to Braille, but can apply to interactions that make use of Braille. The recommendations given in ISO 9241-920:2009 are applicable to at least the controls of a virtual workspace, but they can also be applied to an entire virtual environment — consistent, in as far as possible, with the simulation requirements. NOTE It is recognized that some interactive scenarios might be constrained by the limitation that a real workspace is to be modelled in a virtual environment. Objects can be in suboptimal positions or conditions for haptic interaction by virtue of the situation being modelled.
Normas Necessárias para a aplicação da ISO 9241-920:2009
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13.180 - Ergonomia
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